We are joining Lyft!

Just over a year ago, we started FinitePaths with the vision of leveraging technology to help people make better decisions and improve their everyday lives. As part of this vision, we built Trail Answers, an app on iOS and Android platforms, which helped get answers to our users’ local questions using social, local and contextual signals. We received super encouraging feedback from our users (iOS and Android ratings 4.9+). Beyond just getting answers, the technology we built brought people together and helped our users feel part of their local community. This gave us immense joy to see the positive impact of our creation.

Along the way, our users and the product gave us solid confidence in the technology we built to connect people based on social, local and contextual signals. Both of us have spent over a decade each in building large-scale, distributed infrastructure and search at Google, Amazon and Yahoo! Research. We are proud of the people ranking and concept extraction engine we built at FinitePaths. As we were exploring the next steps for the business, we received interest from several companies in our technology and the team and we decided to find the most apt home for it.

Lyft has a grand vision to see the world where the transportation and technology brings people together, not apart. Everyone we met at Lyft was super sharp and intelligent yet so humble. The technical challenges are exciting and we believe we can make the right contributions based on our prior experience and what we have built at FinitePaths. Luc Vincent, VP of Engineering at Lyft, states, “We are very excited to have Balaji and Vinay join our team. They have extensive experience building large scale infrastructure and services. We see this experience as playing a critical role in helping us tackle some of the unique challenges we have at Lyft, as well as helping grow the Lyft community.”

Most importantly, we are impressed by the culture Logan and John have created at Lyft. With Uplifting Others being a core tenet, the teams at Lyft are brimming with collaborative spirit and complex problems, making it a dream place for engineers. As we had conversation with the engineering and the management teams at Lyft, the alignment in core technology-driven culture and the passion to help people led us to the decision of joining Lyft.

Now, what does it mean for Trail Answers? All good things come to an end and we need to make some difficult decisions here. We have stopped signing up new users for the app and will be shutting down the app for existing users over next 2 weeks. If you need your old questions and answers for archival, please send an email to support@finitepaths.com and we’ll get back to you. This was an exciting journey and thank you for all your contributions and love along the way!

- Vinay and Balaji